Scadding Associates Ltd Methodology

  • Instruction on payment to Scadding Associates Ltd from student
  • 6-week process
  • Develop strategy from students submission (Student to submit application to Scadding Associates Ltd for review)
  • Fortnightly catch-up zoom sessions of 30 mins for discussion and feedback – Scadding Associates Ltd & Student
  • Scadding Associates Ltd will be offering advice, support and encouragement - Scadding Associates Ltd & Student
  • Scadding Associates Ltd will offer Coaching & Mentoring – Scadding Associates Ltd & Student
  • One final zoom meeting before submission - Scadding Associates Ltd & Student
  • Scadding Associates Ltd to submit final submission to CIOB, Submission approx. 6 weeks after instruction date
  • Internally verified - CIOB
  • External verified - CIOB
  • Notification from CIOB of outcome

Further information
Professional Review Support Provider

Scadding Associates Ltd are a Professional Review Support Provider, accredited by the CIOB to receive MCIOB applications; provide professional support, advice, and assessments. Applicants with existing suitable academic qualifications or relevant NVQ's achieved with other training providers can also apply for MCIOB through us, subject to meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Please contact us for more information.

Frequently, students struggle with the Professional review as it requires formatting & detailed explanations to ensure the CIOB allow the review, showing confidence and site experience using the correct wording. Terminology is vital and this will demonstrate your competencies to the assessor and your understanding. Your PR application must include an organisation chart, 3 years CPD details and a plan for the next years CPD, Applications are made via Scadding Associates Ltd however final assessment will be by the CIOB.